We are a technology company founded by the combination of passion and commitment of persons pursuing success on IT market. Thanks to these people we have become one of the leading producers of specialised software for assets management and stocktaking in Poland.

Our accomplishments

  • more than 14 years of experience on IT services market
  •  35 experts from various branches working in our team,
  •  over 800 satisfied customers,
  •  almost 500 improvements applied to our solutions every year,
  •  more than 130 hours of over-the-phone customer service.

What distinguishes us?

We provide customized services to every organization by adjusting the solutions to the company’s needs.  The satisfaction of our clients is of the greatest importance to us. The team of our experts: IT specialists, lawyers and economist work for them every day.  We also continue to improve our knowledge by conducting research and development activities.

Our offer

We offer complex and comprehensive IT systems in the first place. More than that: we also provide consulting services, trainings and support in the implementation of our solutions. We are flexible – our clients are small, medium-sized and large companies.


If you prefer to call we are available on the phone number: 58 320 57 34