Assets Management

Real estate

Real estate module allows for the management of information on land and buildings. It makes splitting the plots into smaller ones and combining multiple together possible.

Each newly established plot has its own history of performed operations and the information of its primary plots from which it was derived. The program automatically assigns the stocktaking numbers, it has the option to undo the operations and manage premises in the building. The expanded search engine makes searching plots and buildings fast by typing a part of the address, type, land registration number, and even the area.

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Storing module improves the work related to servicing and the management of components comprising: consumable materials, cleaning supplies, work clothing, spare parts. This module automates all processes related to quantitative assets management and effective order planning.

This application uses barcodes generated by STOCK program or given by the manufacturer. With this module you can check the accessibility which is appropriate for the used equipment of consumable materials with the possibility to place an order and trace the costs of using the fixed assets based on the reports of usage of consumable materials. This allows to monitor the minimum and maximum status and the expiry dates. This module allows for giving the out stored items for use, transferring a terminated tangible asset to any chosen storage location and to use the common glossaries of persons, suppliers and locations.

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The servicing module provides support for servicing orders, guarantees and insurances. It allows for tracking the servicing history including the costs of repairing the assets and provides the ability to generate documents relating to the operation of sending to and returning from the service.

The programme provides also such functions as repair and maintenance planner – entering dates and reporting results. Moreover, this module allows for assigning the information reg. the warranty to a given asset or reminds of a due date.

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Lease (Lending)

The lease module allows for keeping the records of leasing and returning of the assets. It stores the information reg. the lessee, the scheduled date of return and the history of lease. Moreover, it allows for using code scanner for the quick search of the assets and for generating lease and return documents.

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IT Infrastructure

The new IT module of STOCK programme allows for automatic stocktaking of IT equipment. It collects the data of the processor, memory, graphics card, software or the computer manufacturer and combines the data with particular assets.  It also generates a report on the basis of the collected data.

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