System administration

Users’ management

The management module allows for granting the given users authorization for specific functions of the programme. Moreover, it allows to give the access to the data, e.g. according to the records, place, responsible person or group. This function enables each employee to perform the assigned tasks depending of his/her competence and position.  The integration with Active Directory is also possible.

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uzytkownicy assets ninja STOCK
assets ninja STOCK

Definable fields

The definable field module allows for giving the fields of any form (e.g. text, checkbox, date, list or choice tree) to the chosen groups of assets. This enables the users to decide what kind of additional information may be assigned to the given objects (e.g. RAM and processor type in the „computers” group or engine capacity in the „cars” group).

Additional fields may be placed on the assets sheet, print-outs and documents. In the next turn they allow for searching the assets based on the fields. It is also possible to create additional glossaries, link a field with given groups or types of assets or define an additional field as an obligatory one to fill in.

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The integration module allows for the integration with external FK and ERP systems and the documents flow. It allows for performing periodic and automatic operations in the programme and configuration of reactions to events in the system.

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integracja assets ninja STOCK
chat assets ninja STOCK


The users of STOCK programme are provided with a new way of communication with technical support. Apart from the telephone and e-mail support, they users may also use the chat option.

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